Describo Online

Status: Release candidate

Describo Online is a domain-configurable, cross-platform desktop tool for describing and packaging data using the RO-Crate standard.

Describo Online can package any research data for deposit in a general-purpose repository.

Describo Online:

  • Suited to institutional or group deployment
  • Preview content within the application
  • Save data templates for re-use in other crates
  • Easy deployment and upgrades via Docker containers
  • Authentication provided by Okta or can be accept delegated authentication from another application
  • Works with Microsoft OneDrive but architected to be extensible to other cloud services
  • Designed to enable multi user data description
  • Works with all
  • Modern UI / UX

Describo Online has been engineered with potential new functionality in mind:

  • The ability to connect to multiple cloud storage platforms (Dropbox, Microsoft OneDrive, Google Drive etc)
  • The ability to function as a collection-development tool for datasets such as the UTS cultural datasets