Tools: Data Portal & Discovery


Status: V1

Oni is a simple and flexible platform for publishing data and documents stored in an OCFL repository via a web interface with a high-performance faceted search and robust access control.

It can be used on large heterogenous collections such as institutional repositories, or at a smaller scale for focussed data or document collections.

A cartoon showing a large lump representing a data object being transferred through a security checkpoint to a user's laptop

Data descriptions stored as RO-Crate metadata are indexed in a Solr search engine. The indexing process is controlled by a simple configuration format. The Solr index can store:

  • core metadata
  • access control metadata and licensing
  • full-text search on selected files within datasets
  • geospatial metadata

A single-page web app allows users to explore the repository's contents using text search and faceted browsing. The contents of datasets can be made available in a flexible and configurable way, either as embedded page contents in the Oni app, by linking through to a web-enabled OCFL repository, or a combination of both.

Future versions of Oni will support granular authorisation based on licensing applied to individual datasets, with search results filtered to only those objects which an authenticated user is allowed to access.

A block diagram of the components of an Oni portal

Oni uses Docker for flexible and scalable deployment.

The Oni (OCFL + Node/nginx + Index) platform is available on github.

"Publishing versioned datasets using OCFL and nginx" - a presentation on an early version of Oni from eResearch Australasia 2019

Oni's initial development was funded by the Australian Research Data Commons.

Modern PARADISEC engine

The tool that powers the new version of PARADISEC is available.